For PC game fans, it’s so happy to own a good value laptop that can run most games, but it’s not that pleasant for the searching process, especially for the people who buy the gaming laptop for the first time.Assuming that you have plenty time to do research on those best Lenovo gaming laptops under 500/700/1200 dollars on the market, it seems not difficult to find one that you want. However, you might miss the most popular gaming laptops in 2016.

Therefore, if you are losing confidence in picking the best gaming laptops, and if you are interested in Lenovo, just focus on this report, the message is collected during the past 5 days.

Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops under 500/700/1200 Of 2016 (Updated)

In order to offer the most available and efficient message about Lenovo gaming laptops under different price, this report have collected the closed message about Lenovo gaming laptops under 500/1000/1500 dollars. This chart will take you to compare the laptops carefully. Some important information such as the processors, the graphics,the hard driveand the price have been list in chart. These are main factors for a gaming laptop. And the best Lenovo gaming laptops under 500/1000/1500 is introduced by the chart clearly. We will update this information as soon as changing.

Tips for Choosing the Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops under 500/700/1200 Dollars

·Nice Processors

A good processor is necessary for a gaming laptop, the AMD processors are easy to get warm when a PC game is running, and they perform not that fast like Intel Core i7. To tell the truth, Intel brand should be the first choice when you search for a gaming laptop.

·Required Graphics

Besides processor, the graphic card is also important. A bad graphics will not be able to give you a smooth experience, and the 3D effect will be bad that you cannot imagine. The AMD graphic card performs better than NVIDIA card when the price is close, but not absolute certainty, because N card is updating now and then. Be careful on graphics when you choose gaming laptop.

·Big RAM

A game’s running speed is determined by the RAM, in other words, it determine your experience level. 4GB (at least) of RAM is required for a gaming laptop.

·Enough space

Your hard drive space should be enough, or it will be embarrassed that you cannot download new games into your laptop, it’s commonsense that the PC games usually occupy several GB in your hard drive. When you run out the space, you have to buy the external hard drives which are not that fast.

·LongWarranty Years

The warranty years offered by the laptop companies is usually no more than 1 year, it’s not enough.

Sometime you can spend some extra money for one more year warranty so that you can be more confident about your laptop.

If you have some more money, buy a laptop with SSD which runs extremely fast.

The Most Popular Lenovo GamingLaptops under 500/700/1200 Dollars

 #1 Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops under $ 1200:Lenovo Y700 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop


Best Lenovo Gaming LaptopsThe Lenovo Y700 series is a kind of high performance laptop for games from Lenovo. This model is produced recently, the machine is adapted with NVIDIA GeForce for multimedia (including PC games). And the 4th Generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor can make you enjoy your games and easy to handle the roles you play.


  • Screen: 15.6″ Full HD 1080P IPS (1920×1080) Backlight
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Processor
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz, SDRAM SODIMM Memory
  • Hard Drive: 1TB
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce 960M Graphics
  • It’s convenient to keep pace with thelatest games

Reasons to Buy

From the machine’s configuration of hardware, Core i7 and GTX 960M discrete graphics is a nice combination which can be said to be the best cost-effective solution. The cost is controlled between 1000 and 1200 dollars, located in mainstream price, while the laptop can bring excellent game experience for you.

Customer Reviews

The Lenovo Y700 is a well-designed laptop that can play most games on high settings. The games run smoothly and the screen has vibrant color. The machine keeps pace with my custom desktop, but with no noise. It is blazing fast at such a price that is very hard to beat.

#2 Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops under $ 700:Lenovo Y700 Reviews

Gaming Laptops under $ 700This Lenovo generation is a winner. It was packed with everything that I required, including lots of memory space, a big hard drive, a fast processor and a good graphics card. I enjoy having the additional space for gaming and working. What’s more, it runs pretty smooth and handles games well.

#3 Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops under $ 600:Lenovo Ideapad 700 Reviews

Customer Reviews

lenovo-ideapad-700Just purchased this Lenovo for my grandson, and everything seems to be working just well. The processor speed seems fine, and the laptop is lighter in weight than my Toshiba. I’ve always been partial to Intel Core processors, the Intel Core i5 6300HQ is working nicely. I think it’s a good value and performing as expected.

My Recommendation

The 3 Lenovo gaming laptops can all satisfy the requirement of computer games, you can buy for yourself or your friends. If you expect a fantastic experience when playing games, I recommend you to choose the Y50 series, of course, it’s more expensive than the others. Z70 is similar to Y50, but lack of SSHD. If your requirement is very ordinary, the G50 is just the best choice.

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