As you know that selecting gaming laptops is the practice of technic and passion, it will spend lots of time, what’s worse is finally you still don’t know which one is suitable for you. In order to save your time and give you a clear introduction of gaming laptops, I have do a survey about the current best powerful MSI gaming laptops during the last weeks. It will help you find the satisfied laptop.

If you are interested in MSI, you have come to the right place. This article collected the high performance MSI Gaming Laptops under 700/1000/2000 dollars in 2016. Don’t miss the opportunity, just take a few minutes to read this article.

Compare High Performance MSI Gaming Laptops Under 2000 Dollars

Judging from the customer rating, the weight, the processors, the memory, the storage, the graphics coprocessor and so on, this comparison chart will give you a brief information about the GOOD VALUE MIS gaming laptops. An immediately updating will be conducted to satisfy your perfect purchasing. Therefore if you want find the favorite laptop, please seek your answer in this chart.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cheap MSI Gaming Laptops under 700/1000/2000 Dollars

·Watch for Laptops’ Processors

A good game experience requires a nice processor, according to the practice, the AMD processors are easier to get warm or even ‘hot’ than Intel Core series, and their working speed is not that fast like Core at the same price. Intel Core processors are more suitable for gaming laptops.

·Watch Out for Graphics

The machine’s graphics determines the quality of clarity and 3D effect presented in games. In the past few years, the AMD graphics card performs better than that NVIDIA card when the price is approximate, but NVIDIA card is updating now and then. If you want a higher quality of the game, please be careful on graphics when you decide.

·Get as Much RAM as You Can

Big RAM is welcomed by the game fans, because the bigger your RAM is, the more smooth your game will be. 4GB of RAM is just a general value for a gaming laptop.

·Have a Big Hard Drive

The hard drive is not as important as the previous tips, but you must don’t want to let your new games no space to save.It’s realized that a PC games usually occupies several GB in your hard drive. When you run out the space, you have to buy a new hard drivethat are not so fast.

·LongGuarantee Years

The guarantee year is usually no more than 1 year, it’s not enough obviously. Therefor you can spend some extra money to extend one year guarantee, and you will be more confident about your laptop.

At last, if your money is permitted, buy a laptop with SSD which runs extremely fast.

The High Performance MSI GamingLaptops under 700/1000/2000 Dollars

 #1 Best MSI Gaming Laptops around $2000:MSI GT72 Dominator G-831

High Performance MSI Gaming Laptops Under 2000The MSI GT72 Dominator G-831 is operated with Windows 10 system, and adapted with the Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor. This machine is one of  the world’s most powerful gaming laptops under 1000 dollars. With the designs inspired by stealth fighter, the simple but streamlined chassis is a reflection of aggression, speed and power.


  • Screen: 17.3 inch Full HD EDP Anti-glare Screen
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor
  • RAM: 16GB 1600 MHz
  • Hard Drive: 1TB 7200 rpm, 128GB mSATA SSD
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA Geforce GTX970M 3G GDDR5

Reasons to Buy

This generation is almost the best gaming laptop around 1500 dollars. The slim and light design is a great advantage, and it’s very convenient to carry. It’s no doubt that MSI GT72 is a great laptop for students that want portability, power and looks. You will fully enjoy the games once you possess this great laptop.

Customer Reviews

The laptop has been bought for several months, it didn’t need a cooling pad, and the building quality was also perfect from plastic to bolt. The MSI GT72 was the best option for me, those games are not a problem before this machine.

MSI VR Ready GE62VR Apache Pro-001 15.6″ Powerful Gaming Laptop

MSI VR Ready Gaming LaptopsEveryone who have bought a gaming laptop will know that buying a vr ready laptop is a hard task,  and it is very important for you to make careful thinking and comparison.Count on us if you are going to buy a vr ready laptop and we’ll always be there to help you make your decision easy. I would like to recommend this MSI VR Ready GE62VR to you.For an addicted gamer,it is a powerful unit to play vr games.For an office worker,it is an useful tool to help he with large amount of office work. I think this powerful MIS laptop will be your cool friend.

Reasons to Buy

Great Specs for the price:This powerful MIS Gaming laptop is designed with high quality and low price,which gives it the major advantage over other laptops.

Full-size keyboard:This laptop comes with full-size keyboard that can provide you with easy operation when you are exciting gaming.

Powerful Graphics:It is equipped with NVIDIA’s Latest GeForce GTX 1060 8G GDDR5X Graphics and the 15.6-Inch Screen can show crisp pictures to you with no problem.

Customer Reviews:The most customers who have used this product show high praise of this laptop and you can rest assure that it will be a perfect laptop.

Something You should know

  • Its color is not very nice for these who has high many requirements on it.
  • For some people,its RAM is not enough for them to deal with complex programs.
  • It is likely to produce much noise and heat if it has run for a long time.

What Current Owners say this mis gaming laptop

I love this item!This MIS laptop has amazing specs and many useful features. I hear that some people complain about the textured track pad and say it is not good for gaming. I want to say they may be not used to the textured track pad.It can make any kind of mouse movement feel for you.


#2 Best MSI Gaming Laptops under $ 1000: MSI GE72 Apache Pro-003 17.3″ GAMING LAPTOP

Best MSI Gaming Laptops under $ 1000Customer Reviews

This MSI GE72 laptop has exceeded my expectations. Games played on it has no frame rate issues. So far I have very little to complain about it and a lot that I love about this machine absolutely. The only part that I don’t like is the trackpad, it’s slightly grainy because of the texture. I have had this laptop for five days and have already gotten familiar to it.

I bought this laptop for my son to encourage him to study hard.When he recieved this laptop,he fall in love with at once.He said the laptop have many useful features that can provide convenience for his life and it never crashed.He was very pleased with this item.

#3 Best MSI Gaming Laptops around $700:MSI VR Ready GE72VR Apache Pro-009 17.3″ Powerful Gaming Laptop

msi-vr-ready-ge72vr-apache-pro-009-17-3-inch-powerful-gaming-laptopThis laptop is great, the specs were larger than adequate for this price. The NVIDIA’s Latest GeForce GTX 1060 6G GDDR5 graphics card has great effect on video, movies and some games I have tried. It seems not that fast as expected, but its motherboard allows for upgrading to Core i7 processor if so desired. As a whole I think it’s a good laptop for this price.

This computer run fast and soomthly.The only issues if that the keyboard’s temperature will rise while  I play computer games for a long time.As to the price,I have to say you can not buy such a perfect laptop in other place except on

My Recommendation

If I were you, I will definitely choose the first slim and light laptop though the price is a bit higher. You should consider the fact that the laptop will work for several years, so a good laptop can bring you convenience and happiness for years, it is well worth the MSI GS70. If you can spare more time on the gaming laptop, please take a few minutes to read another article Best ASUS Gaming Laptops.

Today’s Top Picks:Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000 Dollars, Cheap And Discounted, All are my top picks.

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